Welcome to Bar Shortlines.

Hello, and welcome to Bar Shortlines! We’re building a new supplement to help you ace the bar exam.

Essentially, the bar exam market today is saturated with structured, all-inclusive classes. You purchase a bar review course, and the company gives you a regimented schedule of what to do, what days to do it on, and what videos to watch.

But what if you need to review? What if you didn’t fully understand the topic? What if you didn’t remember every granular point of law? While the major players give you outlines for each topic, these outlines are massive and part of a huge book that’s difficult to lug around.

That’s where our Shortlines come in.

We’re building concise study guides for each area of the MBE. You’ll get a complete review of each topic that you can review on the fly – without needing to dedicate an afternoon to reading a 100+ page outline full of legal jargon.

So what do these include?

  • A brief overview of all the key topics for each MBE subject
  • Great, short examples that help you remember exactly what you need to remember
  • Beautiful, well-designed outlines that are easy to use and even easier to look at.